Monday, September 17, 2007

Jawn Murray Open Letter To Beyonce!!!

Friend in my head Jawn Murray .. (Hi Jawn!) check him out AOL BV Buzz or The Tom Joyner Morning Show. He published an open letter to Beyonce I must say I felt everything Jawn was saying it was very well written. I am a fan of Beyonce but he lets her know what we are all thinking. Here is the letter:
Dear Beyonce
Let me first commend you on your newest philanthropic endeavor, The Knowles-Rowland Temenos Apartments to help those needing assistance after natural and personal disasters. I'm sure the 43-unit; single-room occupancy housing for men and women will be a blessing to those in the Houston area.I'm actually writing this letter out of genuine concern and I hope you receive it in the spirit that it is intended. At 26-years-old, you have accomplished things that your peers could only dream of. Both as a member of Destiny's Child and as a solo star, you have won Grammys and sold millions of records. Your strong brand has helped you to transition into Hollywood ('Dreamgirls,' 'The Pink Panther,' 'Austin Powers in Goldmember'), sell fragrances and beauty brands (Tommy Hilfiger, Emporio Armani, L'Oreal), appear in commercial campaigns (Pepsi, McDonalds) as well as launch your a clothing line with your mom, Tina Knowles (House of Dereon). Those are all significant feats!But I recently became concerned when I heard that you intend to go back into the studio come November and plan to release a new album next summer. That's really disturbing to me.
If you take the time look those artists and musicians who are master's of their craft, you will see that most of them take a few years off between projects to (1) rejuvenate and find inspiration for their next endeavor and (2) not over-saturate the marketplace. You are without a doubt teetering on the brink of over-saturation and I wanted to 'Ring the Alarm' before you become an industry 'Bug-A-Boo!'As an entertainment professional who respects your hustle, I tip my hat to your gifts and salute your accomplishments. I know its not just 'Me, Myself and I' who feels that if I see you on another magazine cover or hear you give another
blah acceptance speech at an award show anytime soon, I'll 'Lose My Breath' and be full of 'Resentment.'
I can use Mariah Carey as example of an artist who waited too long to take a break and nearly ruined her career. Better is Alicia Keys, who brilliantly takes at least three years off in between CD releases and typically reinvents herself every time. It's clear that every great artist needs down time for longevity. (See also: Madonna, Tina Turner, Maxwell, Dr. Dre, Diana Ross, Outkast, Sade, etc.) I believe that an extended vacation is necessary for an artist, just even if to 'Upgrade U!'In addition to giving the industry and the all-important consumer a break, I genuinely believe you did a disservice to your Destiny's Child group member Kelly Rowland, by re-releasing that deluxe edition of 'B'Day' just months before she was set to unveil her sophomore solo effort. How could anyone really expect her to get her career 'Jumpin Jumpin' with you still monopolizing the marketplace?I know you are an 'Independent Woman' who may not want to take direction from this man you've only met in passing, but I really hope that you will take a couple of years off and consider not releasing your next CD until at least the fall of 2009 (and that's still pushing it). Make no mistake: I recognize that you're the premiere vocalist of this generation and a spectacular international brand. But I think the consumers are going to begin telling you, 'No, No, No,' and ultimately leave you 'Speechless' if you don't retreat for a while!


Andrea said...

the only thing i disagree with is him calling her the premiere vocalist of this generation. um no, christina aguilera is, followed closely by jennifer hudson...bee has a really high voice and she's able to do alot of runs and she tries to do a lower register but her voice lacks variety!

whatsuptamnews said...

@andrea're right

Kennard said...

"monopolizing the marketplace" so you blatantly admit that she is in fact the hottest thing on the scene? Get over it. Your little "open letter" will not make her "sit down". If she wrote you an "open letter" and told you to take a three year break on your career, life and goals would you oblige?